Tip: When you walk into a Greek, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern restaurant and they do not have a fresh meats rotating on a spit, leave.

I knew I was in trouble the moment  walked in to Izgara. No gyro meat or chicken rotating on those tempting fiery spits. The kitchen did not look appetizing either. Normally I would have left. But I was in a bind and had to give it a try. Chicken schwarma is usually juicy chicken sliced thin off of a spit. Not here. It is chopped dark and white chicken heavily laden with cumin like spices. Not good. And the rice was lumpy. The salad of chopped romaine and sesame sauce was boring. The interior decor was sparse. Finding this place is a task. Hard to see from the road. It is hidden in a corner of a strip mall. How did Izgara get so many great ratings on social media? It is a mystery to me. I actually threw out my take out order. Izgara 1251 S. Pine Island Rd. Plantation, FL 33324