This chain of BBQ restaurants is not our favorite. Expensive food that leaves much to be desired. Anyone that has eaten real BBQ made with passion and love from a quality BBQ joint will not appreciate this BBQ. The Boca Raton location is a big roadhouse set up. A huge bar with many TV sets to watch your fav games. The service is lacking. The two young hostesses were about as happy to see us as the were to be going to a funeral. Dazed and confused they disappeared and came back five minutes later to escort us to a table. An uncleaned oil slick on the floor caused many customers to slide down the isle. Luckily nobody fell. After we and the booth next to us asked for the staff to take care of the situation. A staff member came by for a nanosecond giving the floor a nanosecond wipe. This did not remedy the situation. The food was much to be forgotten. The garlic bread was the highlight. Thick slices of bread brushed with garlic butter. The brisket sandwich is Philly cheese steak style. WHY? I asked for it naked. What showed up was a white bread sub roll with a barely chopped dry as a bone piece of brisket. Awful. Any self respecting BBQ joint would have never served this shoe leather. How does a BBQ restaurant not have a real brisket sandwich on the menu. The California chicken sandwich $11 was uneventful. Sides are small portions. Beans are overly sauced. Slaw was a creamy mess. Fries were awful. Mass produced and cut potatoes asked for them to be extra crispy. They came out barely crispy. It took 20 minutes to get the food. That is ok I guess. But the restaurant was only half full. Imagine the wait if this place was full. Smokey Bones has these ridiculous credit card machines on the table. Nobody knows how to use them and usually just asks the staff to assist in payment. The menu is one of the worst I have ever seen. Too many items. Plus too many of the same type of items. It needs a revamp. Plus why would anyone go here for a $30 steak? The dessert menu has no prices. Who runs this place? Skip Smokey Bones. If you want real BBQ stop off at your nearest BBQ roadside stand instead- CC