Chez Jean – Pierre Bistro, Palm Beach, FL. I was expecting a high class decor with the prices this place charges. But when I entered I wanted to leave. It looks like a run down hole in the wall with eclectic paintings to take your mind off of the actual setting. But I was hungry so I stayed. By reading the menu one can not decide if this is a French bistro or an Italian restaurant. The table bread was ordinary sliced French Italian bread. The cold artichoke with vinaigrette in the middle was a bland nothing. Lobster ravioli was tasteless. I never order lobster ravioli since there is barely any lobster in it anywhere you go. But one of my guests shared a raviolo with me. The veal picatta was good but nothing special. By the name of this place I thought it served only French food. Profiteroles for dessert were uneventful and the chocolate sauce needs work. I would have to say this was a very disappointing meal. Yet the place was filled to capacity. Who knows why? – CC