Sant Ambroeus, Palm Beach, FL. What a confusing place. Is it a bakery? A bar? A restaurant? An outdoor cafe? A gelato stand? What a mess of a set up. But that does not stop the Daddy Warbuck families of Palm Beach from eating here. Hailed from NYC this Florida addition is an interesting bird. Expect to pay a lot of money for dinner. Wines by the glass that are worth drinking start at about $20 a glass. The table bread is excellent. Many choices of artisan baked goodies and bread sticks. If you like matzo then you will love the pizza. Cracker thin with various toppings to choose from. The raved about pasta bolognase was good but not rave worthy. It was served in a vessel that was all wrong. A small bowl that did not allow for proper enjoyment. Desserts consist of any of the many pastries from their bakery. Try some of the excellent gelato, which is the standout of Sant Ambroeus. Complimentary chocolates are served with the bill. A cute touch making you feel like you got your monies worth. Or not  – CC

Tip- if you must try this place wait for the Palm Beach dinning week promotions and have a three course dinner for $49