A sage descended down from the top of Mountain Veeder carrying special glass bottles. The enchantress living inside each of these bottles is set free upon removing her bound encapsulation. The deity invoked is infallible, with eternal powers of perfection. This guardian of the contents has turned water into wine. Addicting mystical notes float into the air enchanting anyone in the room to come closer as to say, I dare you to taste me. Its nose will tickle your synapses and take control of your senses. Its many legs spread wide as you test its vulnerability. You are helpless inside of Mithra’s prowess. This precious liquid is dark as an Arabian summers night. Flying carpets abound secreting deep rooted notes of lush organic purple berries, anise seeds, currants, sweet oak, Persian plums, blueberries, olives and holiday spices. Her taste lingers for hours. No man can resist.

The 2013 Mithra from Mt Veeder Napa California $200. Wow what a wine – Keith Ian