Whew, its been a while since the last wine report. Too much drinking going on! I will say that my aversion to Italian wines from Tuscany, the Veneto and Piedmont still exists. Be wary buying wine from these appellations. Most are DOA. And they do not age well.

2013 Banfi Brunello- DOA. Rust color, dead fruit, awful

2015 Banfi Summus- DOA. Rust color, off putting

2014 Merryvale Napa Cab Sav- Big, bold, balanced. Lovely wine

*2015 ZD Napa Reserve Cab Sav $215- A block buster. Huge and chewy. Dark as night. Dusty tannins. Bold fruit. Blackberry, Cherry, blueberry, chocolate, coffee notes

2016 ZD Napa Cab Sav- A little sister to the Reserve. SImiliar qualities and a smaller scale for half the price. Well balanced.

*2017 Hahn GSM Central Coast- Big bold, inky, voluptuous, complex fruit forward. A deal at under $20!

2017 Kith and Kin – A respectable Napa Cab Sav. Overall enjoyable

2016 Craggy Range TE KAHU Blend – Uneventful

*2015 Darioush Cab Sav $85- Again one of my favorite wines. The Dark Knight. Perfect

2016 CRU Cab Sav- a very sweet wine. Big, bold dark fruit

2016 Austin Hope Cab Sav $50- a little on the thin side. Usually a syrup like consistancy

2016 Treana Cab Sav $30- much better than the Austin Hope. Medium body, juicy fruit

2016 Eberle Cab Sav $45- a medium bodied cherry bomb

2016 Eberle Syrah $28- a fine representation of a Cal syrah. Meaty and dense

2015 Castoro Cellars Zinfusion $24- a textbook perfect Paso Zin

2017 DAOU Cab Sav $24- uneventful

2016 DAOU Reserve Cab Sav- uneventful at three time the price

*2016 DENNER Mother of Exiles red blend $75- excellent! Some of the best juice from Paso

*2016 DENNER Syrah $65- Excellent. Big. bold and satisfying

2016 JUSTIN Savant $40- unbalanced

2017 SEXTANT Wheelhouse Zin $24- Unbalanced

2016 SEXTANT KAMAL Cab Sav $50- unblanced

2013 THE FARM touchy feely red blend Paso Robles $60- Very good uplifting fruit

2013 THE FARM Paso Robles BIG GAME red blend $75- exciting juice. Big flavor

2013 THE FARM Paso Robles Cardinal Cab Sav $95- Thin and uneventful

2016 TOP Inertia red blend Paso Robles $62- Exciting potential from this new comer to Paso wine scene. Good juice

2011 DAL FORNO AMARONE $350- Funky. Barnyard notes. Stinky cheese. A defected bottling? Once the off putting notes blew off a little the juice was delightful.

FFWJ Staff