Boca Raton. It was a hot humid night in Sanborn Park. But the battle goes on! This year there were many new entrants. The burgers creations were not as exciting as in past years. New vendors lacked the experience of cooking at an event like this.  This year the inexperienced cooking crews made for long lines with up to thirty minute waits. Under cooked and over cooked meat and bacon slices were served. You need to use due diligence before consuming food at mass events like this. Food vendors ran out of food by 8:30-9pm. Not a good thing since people paid anywhere fro $50 to over $100 for an event that was scheduled from 6pm to 10 pm with many attending the 7pm -10 pm general admission slot. So if you took your time getting here you might have missed out on some of the food, wine and beer samples. Most burgers were uneventful. Cheffrey Eats at Barrel of Monkeys took voters first place even though he was serving raw burgers. We threw these out and did not taste them.  La Perrada Del Gordo came in second. This was the FFWJ favorite burger of the night by far. It was the most creative and tastiest burger of them all. CWS Bar came in second place.  MEAT took first place judges choice even though they ran out of burgers before 8:30 pm. We did not get a chance to taste these either. The FFWJ liked Burton’s burger as its second favorite. This was still a fun event but disappointing in its execution and burger creativity compared to Boca Burger Battles of the past- FFWJ Staff.