Fridays Restaurants offer a daily bargain food specials. Go during happy hour an get the meal deal and a drink special. On Thursdays it is BBQ rib day. $9/half or $13 for a full rack of baby back ribs. Served with fries and slaw. A great deal? Yes. But is the food good? It is OK. The ribs were not prepared correctly. The back membrane was not removed before cooking. It turns into a clear tape like substance and has to be pulled off to really enjoy the ribs. A rookie BBQ mistake. The pork was tender and falling off the bone. Not top quality meat. The ribs should have been served at a hotter temperature. The fries were tasty. The slaw was good but very sweet from the added sugar. A glass of wine was $6 for a 6 oz pour. But hey all this food and a glass of wine for $19. Not bad. All in all a Thursday of a deal at Fridays – Cecchi Fabrizio