The Rooster and the Till, Tampa. Voted the number one restaurant in Tampa by some. It was very good. The best? Definitely one of the best. It is an open warehouse decor. Dark and dingy. We tried the $75 six course tasting menu. It was made up of mainly vegetarian dishes. The presentations were outstanding. On par with the best of the best. Creative culinary bites and descriptions.

Cured scallops, melon, aji amarillo, coconut milk – salty and fishy tasting. Not a fan

Potato wedges, calabrian chili relish, cambozola fondue- creative and tasty

Grilled rapini caesar, perfect duck yolk, lemon Parmesan frico – rapini needed to be cut into bite sized pieces. Otherwise an interesting creation

Lamb loin, labneh, sunflower muhammara, preserved huckleberries- now your talking

Goat cheese, fermented honey, burnt carrot butter, black tahini, pita- heavy and rich dish. Only a few bites needed

Creme Fraiche panna cotta, whipped blood peach, white chocolate sorbet – very tasty

Additional dish ordered – Shredded beef short-ribs with gnocchi, smoked ricotta and pickled peppers – excellent

What I would change – The wine is a short 5oz pour. Starting at $8 a glass. If you dine by yourself you can order the tasting menu. If you are in a party of two both have to order the tasting menu or you will be refused the tasting menu option. Ridiculous. – Jimmy Bee