As Sinatra said “Luck be a lady tonight”. Lets call this lady Val. She was born in Italy. Val comes in a tall and slender bottle. Her glassy outer curves seduce the drinker. Dressed in a blue label, the handwritten inscription invites you to open her up. When you pop her cork, she releases scents of plum, currant, anise, tobacco and virgin cherry notes. Once her liquid touches your lips, you smile like a child. You know you have one of the great ones in your possession. Not stopping there, her nectar coats your mouth and then effortlessly slides down your throat. The finish lingers, as to say, I don’t want to go just yet. Like all relationships, wines come and wines go. But this Val is one of the great ones that you always will remember. 2009 Dal Forno Valpolicella $99 -Keith Ian