Parkland. If it was not for Mike Mayo’s article in the Sun Sentinel I would have never discovered this gas station restaurant. No sign. Just word of mouth. I met Chef Anthony Hoff. He is creating some delicious Mexican and Latin focused food inside of the Chevron gas station on 441 and Hillsboro. The BBQ brisket tostadas were touted by Mr. Mayo as one of his best bites of 2019. I had to try them. For $7.50 two small tostatdas arrive on a metal tray. My first reaction was that is a lot of money for a small portion. But then I changed my tune when I bit into what is probably the best tostada I ever ate. Rich and dense with flavor these tostadas pack a punch twice their price. One order will took the edge off my hunger. I agree with Mr. Mayo. A top bite in Broward County.  Other items I tasted were the corn on the cob, the green sausage taco and the carne asada burrito. All worth a trip to this oasis in a gas station. I see why Los Bocados is winning top awards for its food. – Keith Ian