VIK. Chile is starting to make great advances in wine making that will give the rest of the world a run for its money some day soon. The wines are far and few between but when you hit that great tasting wine from Chile it makes you smile. Like a child trying something delicious for the first time. That is what happened to me when I tried two wines from Chile made by VIK. Named after its founder Alexander Vik. Located in the Valle de Millahue in Cachapoal. I tasted the 2013 Vik Vik. A blend of sab sav, carmenere, syrah, merlot and cab franc. It was impressive. A big chewy wine with lots of dark fruit, acidic balance and a long finish.  I also tasted the 2015 Vik Milla Cala. Another blend of the same grapes. It too was big and juicy. I would put these wines up against some of the best Bordeaux and top Cali cabs any day. Vik is a victory as far as Chilean wines go.