The first bottle of Williams Selyem wine I tried was in the year 2015.  It was a bottle of the 2004 Flax Vineyard Pinot Noir. I purchased it for $50 at the Chelsea Wine Vault in NYC. I being skeptical of any Pinot Noir’s aging ability, was hesitant of making the purchase. But the wine store manager guaranteed it or my money back. How could I refuse this offer. I brought the bottle to dinner that evening. A popular restaurant in Astoria NY where I met two friends. I asked the waiter to remove the cork. It was as if a genie came out of the bottle. The air was perfumed with the most amazing smell of dark fruit and red berries. WOW! This wine blew us away and we did not even taste it yet. Well needless to say it was one of the best wines we have ever tasted. Ten years old (It was in January of 2015) it was a big, bold, chewy wine. Deeply concentrated. Burting with fruit. We fought to see who would get the last drop. Ever since that dinner we became WS fans. This 2008 Litton Estate Pinot Noir was a similar experience. Deep dark inky color. Chewy. Bursting with dark fruit. Prune, raisin, plum, blackberry and cola notes. If you have not tried a WS wine that is at least ten years old, then do yourself a favor and buy one online at an aution site or see if your local wine shop can get you a some. It is an extraordinary experience.