I started drinking Brunello Di Montelcino decades ago with the 1988, 1989 and 1990 vintages. I guess I was spoiled. Because now we are being hoodwinked with the modern methods of production. The traditional wine making methods produced brunello that was big, bold, inky and fruit forward. They had aging potential. I loved them. The last vintage I enjoyed was the 1995 vintage that I drank in 1998. After that it has been all down hill. For over a decade brunello has become a faded, brick color, thin wine. I question its age worthiness. It needs to be consumed upon release. I just read an article in a recent wine magazine that even the famous Biondi Santi winery is working on improvements . I can confirm this having tried their 2013 last week. It was elegant, yet thin and starting to fade. What has happened to brunello? The modern wine making techniques have drastically changed this once great wine of the world. The newly released vintages have a high chance of being faded. You are better off taking your chances with a Rosso Di Montelcino for about $20. These baby brunello’s are a lot more affordable. But they too can be faded upon release. Is there a shipping problem? Are containers sitting in the sun and spoiling the wine in the shipping process? Even a $300 bottle of a top producer’s Riserva I tried recently was DOA. Italian wine fanatics feel otherwise of Brunello. It is only when we challenge the norm that things get better.