$5 at Target

Oh boy, this is not going to be pretty. I needed a bottle of wine for cooking so I bought this five dollar bottle of California Pinot Grigio. I know the saying goes cook with what you like to drink. It is so true. I wish I would have followed that advice. This is definitely a beer drinkers wine. Or I should say this wine will make anyone want to drink beer instead of wine. I never thought that you could ruin Pinot Grigio. But this five dollar bottle of roots Pinot Grigio proves my theory wrong. At first sip it makes you want to spit. Harsh acidic even a little fizzy bubbly. This is what a quintessential mass produced bottle of swill taste like. Yeah I know will get a lot of responses from this post from wine drinkers who have no trouble drinking any type of wine. And that’s fine nobody’s Right or wrong when it comes to what they like. But for those in the know about wine avoid this bottle by all means. And oh yeah I poured it down the drain and cooked with one of the good bottles of wine from my collection. Cheap is always expensive.