Fools Gold. A substance that resembles gold. It is not real gold. And it is worthless. Now what if you could get some fools to buy it for the same price as real gold because they believe it is real gold? Sell it! Take the money and run! Is a bottle of the famed wine from France worth $3000 a bottle? No. Is a cult California wine worth $5000 a bottle? No. Are those over-priced Super-Tuscans worth it? No. Are the five great growths of Bordeaux worth thosands of dollars? No. I can go on and on. The last bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild I bought was a 1990 for $90. At that time in 1997 that was a high price to pay. It was a very good wine at $90. At $50 it would have been an excellent wine. And at $30 a bottle it would be outstanding. Today a bottle of 2009 Mouton goes for $1000. Does it taste $910 dollars better? It should, right? But it does not. Don’t be a wine fool. Wine fools buy these wines at these ridiculous prices. Why? Status. Showoffs. Inflated egos. Swinging dicks. Blowhards. Too much disposable income. The real winners here are the wineries laughing all the way to the bank. And why not take these fools money? I would. Napa and Sonoma are some of the the biggest criminals. Every time a new winery opens, which seems like daily in Napa and Sonoma, a new higher price level is broken. California wine is the most over priced wine on the market. In France, Chinese wine enthusiasts bought up Bordeaux and Burgundy wines, driving prices to reach their ridiculous levels. In Napa fools are willing to dish out $60 for a tasting fee, then why not take the rest of the contents of their wallets for the price of the wine in the bottle. Follow the rule of 20/40. There is no white wine worth more than $20 a bottle. And there is no red wine worth more than $40 a bottle. It is easy to find a $20 bottle of Chablis that tastes a lot better than a $75 bottle of Chardonnay. A little more challenging is the $40 bottle of red wine. There are many bottles from California for $40 that taste better than a $200 Napa red wines. Try wines from Lodi California instead of Napa and Sonoma. They are big, bold and beautiful like a Napa Sonoma wine. And don’t let people tell you that the Zinfandel, syrah or petite sirah is not a contender in the great red wine class. They are fools too. It is not all about cabernet sauvignon grapes. These varietals give a Napa Cab a run for its money. I have turned many Napa Cab drinkers on to these varietals. Some of the wines made in Washington State are just as good as Napa and Sonoma at half the price. In the Rhone Valley France there are some red wines for $20 a bottle that taste just as good a some Chateauneuf du Pape wines at $300. So get to digging and find those 20/40 wines. They exist. This way you can avoid the gold rush.