Thin caramelized crusted turkey burgers

I love all types of burgers. Plus if they are served on a pretzel roll or a Martin’s potato bun, you can not go wrong. During these times of solitude this recipe will get you through some tasty meal times. The key here is to make the burgers thin and really caramelize both sides in a pan. It makes all the difference and really distinguishes these turkey burgers from the rest.

2.5 lbs turkey ground

1T ground coriander – adds a pastrami like taste

1T garlic powder

1T ground black peppet

1T dried parsley flakes

1T ground ginger

Makes 20 thin burgers

Mix all ingredients together. Spray a large spoon with cooking oil. This prevents the raw turkey from sticking to the spoon. Heat a non stick pan on medium heat. Ffwj likes the ceramic pans with a white interior. They perform well and the white background makes for easy optics. When pan is heated, take a spoonful of the ground turkey mix. Add it to the pan. The heat will automatically sear the turkey. Use the back of the spoon to quickly pat down the ground turkey into a thin patty. Ffwj uses this method in our test kitchen to avoid touching raw meat, fish and poultry. Sear turkey until it browns well on one side then flip and brown other side. Add hot to a bun. Add a slice of a tomato, onion and a pickle. There you go. The best turkey burger is now ready to eat!