It is always great to get validation by other people on topics you feel strongly about. It is never easy as a journalist to challenge the norm. But as journalists if we don’t we are just creating more fake news. How can everything we eat and drink be good? It is not. I have been saying for decades that Brunello has gone down hill as are many other wines from Italy. Brunello was once a great love of mine. But unfortunately our loved faded over the decades as did the wine itself. Today there is barely a difference between Brunello, Chianti and Rosso di Montelcino. When a $20 bottle of Rosso tastes like a $200 bottle of Brunello you know which one to buy. Great vintages come and go. The next great vintage usually touts itself as better than the rest. A cute marketing trick. On March 2, Kerin O’Keefe from the Wine Enthusiast tells it like it is about the highly touted 2015 Brunello vintage arriving to the market soon. She gives the good, the bad and the ugly on this new vintage release. I bow to her for her truthful opinions.

Bolgheri, Italy is located in the Maremma on the Tuscan coast. Northwest of Brunello Di Montelcino. Bolgheri is where it is said to be where the “Super-Tuscan” term was coined. The whole “ST” wine thing is total BS. But genius in it’s marketing campaign. Super-Tuscans are just blends of grape varietals. This does not make them any better tasting than any other grape growing area of Italy. At a recent tasting of the wines from Bolgheri vs. the wines of Brunello di Montelcino, Bolgheri won hands down. Why? The Bolgheri wines had taste, life, a bloodline, a pulse. The Brunello wines were a f/ typical faded mess. Both in current and older vintages. These Bolgheri wines reminded me of when I first tasted Brunello wine from the 1990 vintage. Alive, deep garnet colors, fruity noses, sprite fruit popping on the tongue, balanced and exciting. But alas, some of the more popular Bulgheri brands are already way over priced and not worth it. Try wines from producers like Umberto Cesari and Castello Di Bolgheri. So if you can find a red wine for $50 and under from Bolgheri in your local wine shop, try it. Maybe you will fall in love all over again too.