If I were to remake the movie Sideways I would replace the no merlot with no rose’! Rose is nothing more than white zinfandel. Which is a terrible choice for a name. Rose’ is for beer drinkers. No I take that back. I do not want to insult beer drinkers. Remember Mateus jug wine from Portugal? What about the gallon jugs of Paul Mason wines? Carlo Rossi anyone? Those were cheap wines enjoyed by those who do not like the taste of wine. Rose’ wine has a great marketing team. And you who pay top dollar for this French punch are making the rose’ producers rich. Sutter Home white zinfandel is as good as any top French rose’. It is a simple wine at best. Made quickly and consumed even faster. It is usually a little sweet which is why non wine lovers can fathom its taste. It is said to be a great summer wine. Served cold to make it palatable to many. The prices are ridiculous these days for rose. I laugh at $20 bottles. And $40 bottles of rose’! WTF? So for those who like rose’, go back to drinking the popular jug wines of yesteryear. They are making a comeback. They are a lot cheaper and taste just as good as any bottle of rose’. As for me. No F@#$% rose’!