Pesto Meat Pie
Veggie Pie

Pieology is another pizza chain among the many. I am glad these Naples knockoffs are opening up on every corner. Most serve very good pizza. Pioelogy pizza is good. Not a Naples Italy pizza though. Some of the competition serve much better and authentic Napoli pizza pies than Pieology. I tried too many toppings which probably added to my “hey it is an OK pizza” when I took my first bite. Some of these chains have toppings that look like rabbit food. I mean do you see what the sausage looks like? Pellets that remind me of fish food you buy out of a gumball machine at the trout feeding conservatory. Other pizza chains have the same off putting look to their topping choices. The best pizza to me is one with fresh mootz, marinara sauce and chopped fresh basil. Some call it a Margarita pizza. I have to say basil has to be cut into thin ribbons and not whole leaves with their stems. I hate it when places put the whole basil plant on a pizza. It does not taste good when you bite into a basil stem. And who needs a whole basil leaf in your mouth with each bite. It is just wrong. Anyway Pieology is another pizza joint on the long list of choices.